About us

Esta página contiene la descripción de lo que hace cada uno de los departamentos de la empresa, producción, audio, postproducción


About Us


We are a total audiovisual production company that offers services such as: filming, audio and post production in one platform. Our human team has wide experience and great talent in these diverse areas. Besides, we always try to keep ourselves leading the way in technology, constantly bringing our team up to date to give the best results.


In E-motions we have a lot of experience in filming TV commercials and making digital videos for national and international brands.

We have cinematographic filming equipment such as: cameras, lenses, audio and lighting gear.


In our facilities there is an audio studio totally equipped for recording, music composition, mixing, dubbing, ADR and audio design. We are well-known for making radio, web and TV advertising campaigns. We also have collaborated in costa rican feature film post production.

Post Production

We offer a wide range of post production services, such as video editing, motion graphics, colorization, VFX, 2D and 3D animation.